Earlier this year I worked with the very talented designer Helen Davies from Langarth on a fantastic new product for Gibsons Games. They needed illustrations for their new card game, Chicken out!

I knew the brief would be a lot of fun as I'd previously worked with the same team on a Woodland Companions snakes & ladders/ludo set. I snapped up the chance to work with them again!

Chicken Out! involved me working closely with Helen on the game images and the packaging design, which needed to be bright and engaging, while also keeping a nice traditional farmhouse feel. I drew a lot of chickens...

Some early sketches

Some early sketches

Final character artwork

Final character artwork

...and the occasional crafty fox!

chicken house.jpg

The images appear both on the cards themselves, the box (which is awesome) and the point of sale unit. Here are the finished products:



While I adore all my publishing work, it's really nice to have a one-off project like this to shake things up. Hoping there might be more collaborations in the future!

Anyone fancy a game??