Horace & Harriet hit the shelves!

"Clare Elsom has created lovable, unforgettable characters who jump off the page, grab us by the hand and pull us into their uproarious and delightful tale." TES website: Anna Tomlinson, Valley Park Primary School

'Every children's book needs a little something to lift it above the ordinary, and this one certainly has it.' Amazon: A. I. McCulloch

Image from Horace & Harriet: Every Dog Has its Day

Image from Horace & Harriet: Every Dog Has its Day

So, Horace & Harriet Take on the Town and Horace & Harriet Every Dog Has its Day have now been out for 6 weeks! The books have had a fantastic reception, and I've become a tad obsessed with reading the reviews coming out on Amazon. They have also been reviewed by lovely people at TESThe Book Bag and Toppsta, as well as a great article from Devon Live

Every nice review is really, REALLY appreciated and makes a huge different - thank you very much if you've taken the time to do so.

I also received an amazing message from a rescheduled World Book Day (that snow eh?!) where a girl had enjoyed the books so much that she chose to dress up as Harriet!

A definite highlight was the very fun launch event at Waterstones in Exeter. I did a book signing, story time, gave lots of inside information about the books and led a live drawing session where everybody got to draw their own Barry the pigeon:

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The launch was reviewed really nicely by Stephanie Walker in a local blog, Exploring Exeter.

Finally, I've created some Horace & Harriet activity sheets (and a whole one dedicated to Barry, of course.) You can download them for free from OUP's website here.

That's about it for now! Phew. Can't wait to see what's in store for Horace & Harriet next. And there's only a couple of months until Book 3 comes out, hurrah! 

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Clare x