Well, hello 2019!


You may have noticed there has been a bit of a lull over here, as last year was mostly taken up with something rather different than my normal deadlines…

Everyone, meet a delightful little sleep thief called Felix!


Aside from the literature festivals, I took some serious time off in 2018 to spend with this little guy.

Now we’ve landed in the new year and I am getting back into the world of pencils, alongside the world of nappies. I’ve got some lovely new projects on the horizon, including a book with an Australian publisher, a baby related set of illustrations (I’m not short on inspiration there!) and developing some new authored work.

I’ll be out and about visiting various schools around World Book Day in March, chatting all things Horace & Harriet and Flying Fergus.

On that note, last November saw the release of the FOURTH Horace & Harriet book, called Friends, Romans, Statues! In this one, Harriet jets off on a family mini-break to Italy. On arriving in Rome, she discovers that Horace has coincidentally rocked up in one of the city's squares, and true to form, he's making quite an exhibition of himself! 

H&H cover 4 definite.jpg

I loved working on this one, which is full of Roman ridiculousness, travelling chaos and oodles of gelato, as well as a few new characters. I really enjoyed researching and sketching out scenes in Rome and adding Horace & Harriet and the gang to the familiar landmarks.

Horace, Harriet, Grandad and Barry outside the Roman Colosseum

Horace, Harriet, Grandad and Barry outside the Roman Colosseum

Horace gets gladitorial!

Horace gets gladitorial!

It’s also been an exciting time for team Flying Fergus. Book 9, The Secret Cycle Scoop came out last November, and we have Book 10, The Photo Finish coming out next month. Chris, Joanna and I visited Edinburgh, Bath, Cheltenham and Bradford for various literature events last year, and most excitingly appeared on CBBC book club and Blue Peter!! You can see a hilarious (and exhausting!) online game we filmed for Blue Peter here

blue peter.jpg
Now the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge!

Now the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge!

I’ve also taken the time throughout last year, whenever possible (aka, baby naptime!!) to enjoy sketching some bits and pieces for fun. It’s not something I often get time for when I have lots of books to get finished. Here is one of my favourite illustrations I’ve done recently, inspired by a ‘Bounce and Rhyme’ class I take Felix to:

Bounce and Rhyme.jpg

Right, over and out for now. Roll on World Book Day!

Clare x